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Well, THAT was a great start to the new year!!

I went out to my car this afternoon to go to Starbucks and satisfy my coffee craving and the bl**dy car wouldn't start! Not a spark of life in it. Nothing. Zilch.
This is where parents are very useful. I borrowed dad's car to get my coffee, and then he came out to jump start mine.
Except we couldn't find the jump leads. THREE cars in this household, and did any of them have a set of jump leads? Of COURSE not!!
So, I snaffled dad's car AGAIN to go and BUY some jump leads from the garage (luckily they had some) and then we got the car started, finally, in the dark, and the cold. And then I had to drive round for a bit to charge the battery up. So it works again now, which is good, but it's a damned good job I decided I needed coffee, because otherwise I'd have gone out to the car tomorrow morning to go to work, and been totally screwed, because dad would already be at work, and I'm not insured on mum's car so I wouldn't be able to borrow that, and we'd not have had any findable jump leads and I'd have been VERY late for work!
Still not quite sure how the battery got flat. The only thing I can think is that I somehow caught the switch for the interior light when I put my new tax disc in last night. Grrr!!

Oh well, tis all sorted now, but is this a bad omen for the coming year?
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